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Sammy's Kitchen

Sammy's Kitchen restaurant is celebrating its 17th year. Our place has a casual, family style atmosphere and affordable menu. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all specialties at Sammy's Kitchen.

Conveniently located at Wilmington Avenue, the restaurant features friendly service, a bright, clean atmosphere and a multitude of choices on its extensive menu. Open daily, Sammy's Kitchen has plenty of table and booth seating in its spacious dining areas.

Our restaurant organizational objective is very people orientd, including both our customers and employees. Our employees focus on the customers, have a friendly and welcoming attitude, and strive to provide quality service in a timely manner. In that regard, we believe our food to be extraordinary, and our supervising senior Chef, who has been with us for nearly fifteen years, is determined to insure our customers are provided with a marvelous meal of their choosing in generous servings, whatever it may be.

As a result of our constant efforts to please everyone who enters our restaurant, we have a long time and well established customer base. That includes both local residents and a great number of frequent visitors to Rehoboth Beach from surrounding areas. A strong following among Sammy's Kitchen restaurant's locals and visitors is largely due to its excellent food and friendly staff. For that very reason, we are determined to continue providing high quality food and customer service to our patrons. Do not hesitate to come and try us out!


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Accepting Major Credit Cards!

A reminder for all the patrons of Sammy's Kitchen Restaurant - we accept all of your Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. Come over to enjoy a nice meal and then just swipe the plastic!

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